Wedding Anniversary Wooden Photos Letter Box Gift Set

  • £12.00

Have your favourite Wedding photos printed onto FSC plywood photo tiles. A unique and personal anniversary gift. A great keepsake to keep for years to come and to put on display in the home.

These wooden photo tiles are a fun and sophisticated way to have your favourite photos on display around the home. Get those photos you've got on your phone, or stuck in a box uploaded and printed onto these wooden tiles so those photos can be enjoyed everyday.

You can stick these directly onto the wall with the velcro sticky pads on the back, this means you can stick them in place, and if you fancy swapping over the photos every so often, you can do with the velcro pads, great for a photo wall that you like to mix up. Or you can just have them as they are if you have a picture shelf that you would like to brighten up with these wooden images. As these are made from 2mm plywood they are incredibly light, so can be stuck on any wall or surface.

You photos will be cropped to a square and printed directly onto the wood for a lovely high quality gift that will last for years to come. You can see the grain texture on the photo giving a really lovely effect to the photo, much more interesting that a normal paper print or framed photo.

Every set will come with a sturdy luxury gift box with a pattern of your choice on the lid and your own personal message is added too. Making a great box to keep them in, or a box to store other special knacks in.

• You can personalise the box to say anything you wish and the wording will designed in the same layout as the examples - please enter all the text you would like to be printed. 

Enter all the words you would like to be printed on the box - no words are automatically included, this can say anything you wish. We will design it over multiple lines as per the example images with your text entered. 

• Made from FSC plywood

• Wooden Photos are approx: 9.8cm x 0.3mm

• Gift Box made from FSC recycled gift box

We cannot be held responsible for any wall damage caused by hanging these with the hook or the sticky pads on the back. Please ensure you measure and know where you'd like to place the images before sticking to the wall. If peeled off gently they should not leave a mark or remove plaster, but we cannot guarantee this.

Please let's know what shape photos you would like when you send over your images. You can send them to us via email:

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