A little bit about us


I am Marlies, and I started Olivia Morgan Ltd back in 2014 just as I was finishing University. With the aim to create stunning unique gifts that you cannot find anywhere else. 

In 2015 I took the leap and ventured into the world of full time self employment. I was soon accepted onto the renowned website, not on the highstreet.  This allowed my business to grow and expand to where it is today.  

I have always been a creative person, I definitely inherited my love for art and design from my parents. So to run my own business that allows me to create patterns and explore new ideas is a dream come true. I come up with all the designs, develop them into a final product and then photograph the finished item as well. I studied printed textiles at university so the patterns aspect is easy for me, however the product photography side is a learning curve for me. 

I moved the business out of my spare bedroom in 2017 into a beautiful little studio in the Wiltshire countryside. This is now where all it all happens, from product development, designing and packing up customers orders. 

I am a one women business during the year, designing, making and packing all the orders, with the occasional help from my mum. When it's the busy gifting period it does become a family event, with my parents, brother and boyfriend coming into the studio to help with packing up all the orders.  

This photo of Mini was taken back when I ran the business from our spare bedroom. No cats are allowed in the work space now! The colourful ribbons are for the optional gift boxes, which finish off the candles to make a beautiful gift.


We try to reuse packaging wherever possible to reduce the amount of waste we produce. We are very conscious of over packaging and do not like to use more than necessary in our parcels. We are also phasing out the use of cellphone bags for our cards, to reduce our usage of single use plastics. Please reuse the boxes and packaging you receive with your order. Every bit of recycling helps!